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What is dermatology?

The appearance of various skin, hair or nail disorders can cause a strong discomfort and lack of confidence. Dermatology is the medical branch specialized in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of these types of diseases.

Cutaneous diseases, as well as localized skin disorders (hair, nails) and adjacent mucous membranes (mouth and genital organs) are successfully treated by specialists present at the Spectrum Medical Center.

With a strong aesthetic and emotional impact, dermatological diseases are definitely undesirable, and their treatment is desirable in the shortest time and by the most effective methods. For this reason, our doctors in this department have fully graded the latest and greatest knowledge in this field, being recognized at national level, solving many cases so far.

A simple consultation at this clinic can give patients the certainty of quality and performance. The proven professionalism is reflected in the quality of the equipment used for diagnosis and treatment.