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Precutaneous liver biopsy – INDICATIONS

Indications for obtaining a liver biopsy include the following:

  • evaluation of abnormal liver laboratory test results
  • confirmation of a diagnosis and prognosis
  • suspicion of liver cancer
  • diagnosis of cholestatic liver disease
  • evaluation of infiltrative or granulomatous disease
  • after a liver transplant to evaluate and treat rejection
  • determination of the degree of fibrosis and inflammation for chronic hepatitis B and C
  • assessment of autoimmune hepatitis
  • evaluation of a liver mass that does not show the typical imaging characteristics of hepatocellular carcinoma
  • quantitative estimation of iron in hemochromatosis
  • quantitative estimation of copper in Wilson’s disease
  • estimating the severity of alcoholic liver disease
  • assessing the compatibility of a liver transplant donor
  • evaluation of liver damage induced by immunosuppressive agents (methotrexate)
  • to assess unexplained jaundice or suspected drug reactions.


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