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Lung Biopsy under CT guidance

When imaging investigations raise suspicions about a lesion but cannot identify with certainty its character (malignant / benign) then the anatomopathological examination comes to the rescue.

CT-guided pulmonary transthoracic biopsy puncture should be considered when: the patient has several types of neoplasm, multiple nodules in a patient with no history of malignancy, persistent focal infiltrates (no results in laboratory tests or bronchoscopy), solitary nodules on which CT does not consider accessible bronchoscopically or hilar mass.

Complications of the intervention are very rare but should be mentioned, and include: pneumothorax, hemoptysis, infection, subcutaneous hematoma, hemothorax or gas embolism. Deaths represent less than 0.15%. In general, the procedure proceeds without unpleasant events.

Taking into account international statistics, the percutaneous pulmonary transthoracic biopsy puncture should have a sensitivity> 85-95% for lesions> 2-95%, and the accuracy of the biopsied material should be> 90%.

In conclusion, percutaneous pulmonary transthoracic biopsy puncture is a minimally invasive procedure, with low risk of complications but with high benefits.

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