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Breast biopsy / Breast biopsy under ultrasound guidance

Breast biopsy under ultrasound guidance has several advantages over those performed under mammography guidance. First of all, ultrasound is a non-irradiating method, based on ultrasound.

Second, in the case of biopsy under ultrasound guidance, the patient can be placed in a more comfortable position (lying on his back) without the breast being compressed as is the case with biopsy under mammography guidance.

Two types of needles can be used: trocar needle, which has the advantage of a single skin puncture, or automatic or semi-automatic needle, which involves several percutaneous punctures (depending on how many bioptic fragments we want to harvest).

Once the biopsy needle is inserted, it can be viewed in real time, which allows the exact detection and detection of the breast lesion.

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