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This diagnostic procedure is complementary to classical ultrasound, providing, in addition, information about breast tissue elasticity, being a newer non-invasive and non- irradiated diagnostic method that measures the elasticity of breast tissue or tumour formations detected.

In addition to the classical ultrasound, providing additional information about the structure, hardness or elasticity of the lesions, the sonolelastography is an ultrasound technique, using an ultrasound with a sonoelastography mode, through which the elasticity of mammary tumours can be quantitatively and qualitatively measured.

The elasticity of cancerous tumours is reduced compared to that of non-cancerous tumours, so the method can differentiate, with an accuracy that can reach 90%, malignant (cancerous) tumours from benign (non-cancerous) tumours.

The sonoelastography is a valuable method of investigation, both in that it is applicable to small tumours under 1 cm (which implies an early diagnosis of breast cancer and early stage treatment) and by significantly reducing the need for mammary biopsy punctures.

The sonoelastography can be performed in routine ultrasound scanning as a painless method.


Assist. univ. dr. BALABAN Daniel Vasile, gastroenterologist, doctor of medicine

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